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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Set of 10 Heart Pattern Overlays.

Heres a set of 10 Heart Pattern Paper Overlays.
Use your Blend tool to create some fabulous
backgrounds or papers.
These are tagger size at 300dpi and available
in the store NOW!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who loves Chocolate????

Heres 2 items that you just need to have for
those Valentine Tags!!
Or they'd be fabulous for Birthdays, Friendship,
Thank You or just about anything!!!
You'll be wanting to try and take one from off
your monitor!!

Each set has 3 Boxes in Red, Blue & Pink
Tagger size at 300dpi

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Aussie TruBlu Quick Page

The other item I did was a Quick Page.
This file has 2 pages, one with the Greeting
and a plain one.

The cost......FREE

Click on the pic to get it.

AussieTruBlu Frame

I was asked to do some things for an Aussie Blog Train by another Blog but I don't know what happened to it so seeing as its nearly Australia Day, I'm going to put these up otherwise they'll be 'outdated'
First one is a Frame. And the cost........FREE!!

Click on the image for the download

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A 'Must Have' for the Aussies!!

Australia Day on the 26th January, so heres the perfect
Scrapkit for some wonderful tags to celebrate.
There seems to be a distinct lack of 'Aussie' Stuff around
so I hope this will appeal to especially the Aussies, but
anyone who wants to help us celebrate..then its perfect
for you too!!

This is available NOW!!!

Printable Cake Bags in Store

Here is our wonderful little Cake Bags we have in the store.
They are perfect for weddings or even use as favour bags for
partys. At kids birthdays, send them home with a piece of cake
and some lollies.

The displayed ones here is a Wedding Cake bag.

Available in colour or sepia tone.

New Releases

2 new kits from Dianna Rose soon to be released in the store!!

Moody Blues (not all shown in this preview)

Purplefushion (not all shown in preview)

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I've been printing these out for years in my
'real life' business, so though I'd add some to the store
as well.

These are items that you print out, cut out and make up.
There is a range of things from small square boxes to cake bags
(at the moment) and we'll be adding more soon.

Even the kids love these. I've been printing the boxes out for the
grandkids and they've even been using paint to decorate them.
They love the cake bags too. I've been printing them out with
just the background and an outline of a pattern and they've been
doing 'bead/dot' painting with craft paints. A somewhat different
craft for them.

These would be fabulous for parties to make
'party favour' bags too.


Today I open my new store.
I hope you'll like the new items and
as stated before, the idea is Quality not
Quantity. So there wont be 50 kits per
week added.
Not a lot there at the moment but
we will build it up over the next month
or so.
I'm still working on a few things that hopefully
will be added in the next few days.

Once the grandkids go home I'll have more time
to work on things too. At the moment the priority
is them.

You'll see a category for some very lovely work,
from Dianna Rose. She will be making things for the
store and I can guarantee they will be a 'bit different'.
She has this wonderful talent of doing some 'big, bright
and bold' work. No ancy fancy fairy stuff here. I always
love seeing what she'll come up with next as she 'thinks
outside the square' with her work. So welcome aboard!!

Anyway....we hope you'll pop into the store for a look at
whats there at the moment and maybe even purchase
something oneday!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oriental Tales...Another tag using the kit

Heres another gorgeous tag using my
Oriental Tales Kit............
this one is done by Pypper

Thank You Pypper....its just awesome.

2 Days to go till the Store Opens.

Not long now till I open the store.
Not a lot in there at the moment but we have to
start somewhere.

All items I've done are done with Quality in mind.....
not quantity!!

Plus I'm working on more items that should be
available soon after opening.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Staree Papers

2 lots of Papers added to the store.....

1 x Delicate Pastels

1 x Dark

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Here is the previews of my first kit to go into the store.

There are:
33 Papers, 11 Bows,
10 Ribbons, 6 Buttons,
4 Butterflies,2 Dragonflies,
5 Fans, 3 Umbrellas, 7 Vases,
9 Flowers/Swirls
8 other Elements

This is made using my first kit to be put in the store.
Thanks looks wonderful!!!
Its taken 2 months to put this kit together so I'm
looking forward to seeing people use it. The tube is
not included in the kit.

I've added a Currency Converter for your convenience.

Well I'm slowly setting up the store and so far its pretty good....I've not broken anything yet!!

There is one drawback however and that is the currency on items is by default US Dollars.
And there is no provision (well that I've found yet) to put a currency converter in the site either.

So, I've put a currency converter in my blog here, so best way is I guess have this open and
open the store in a new window. Then you can come back and convert if you are in Australia, Canada, UK or where ever you are in the world!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello & Welcome

This blog is the gateway to my store.
Some of you know me through my tubes under the name of AusPosers.

Because I will be keeping my site with my FREE tubes, to save confusing
people all items that I sell will be sold under the name of Tropikal Artz.

I will be posting previews of everything in my store here, and you will
be directed to it from here.

Well I will when I finish setting up things over there. This is a new
venture for me so I hope I get things right.....theres some very
'technalogical' stuff .....and I need to wrap my head around it and
concentrate. So far its going OK!! But I've got my 2 of my grandkids
here for the school holidays so concentration on things here is not coming
easily at the moment. But grandkids come first!!!!

So put me on your Followers list so you can be updated when things are

New Year..........New Venture.......lets see what happens!!