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Friday, January 28, 2011

Cats and Dogs on Clouds Pet Loss

These are designed specifically for the loss of a cat or a dog.
Please click image to see larger view

Pet Sympathy

Another card in my Pet Loss series. Please click image to see larger view

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Inspiration 2 from devastation.

Here is the 2nd image in my pet loss series. Click on the image and take a larger look
There will be more designs in the next day or so.

Inspiration from devastation

Yesterday I had to have 2 of my kittys put to sleep.
Boots was old, and not able to walk that well and it had been coming for a long time. He'd also begun having siezures.
So I was kinda at peace with what I was doing was the best thing.
Then when we got back from Brisbane on Sat night, we get news that our grandson had been admitted to hospital again. We'd only seen him a couple of hours earlier!!! That was worry enough.
But....when I went out to see the kittys, our Horry was not in a good way. We kept an eye on him Sat night, and he seemed to be brighter on Sunday. But by Sunday night he was very poorly again.....and I knew what the vet was going to confirm......and knew it was the kindest thing for him to cross that Rainbow Bridge too.
So out of the hurt and heartbreak of having 2 of our furbabies 'cross over' came the idea for 2 pet loss cards. I though what a nice thing it would be to give someone who's hurting like hell because they've lost a 'family' member......regardless of what sort of pet it is than to give them a lovely card letting them know that you share thier pain.
So click on the image to see the first of 2 designs I put up last night.
Our grandson had another lot of surgery yesterday also, and he appears to be recoverying slowly.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Chhhhoocoolate.....everyone loves chocolate!!

You'll love my new Chocolate Papers. Cardmakers, these background papers would suit Valentines or Easter!!
You'll find them on my page HERE

Pics to come!!

Also check out my new Valentine design.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Red Red Hearts

Perfect for the one you love.........Valentines Day in particular!!
Click and see a larger image.

Valentines Day

This card just smacks of LOVE. Amore. What every you call it
this will definatley please the one you love!!!
And it doesn't need to be just Valentines Day either. Birthday or
just to say I Love you. Could also be used as an Engagement card
or for a civil Wedding.

Click to see the larger design

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ballroom Dancers

There was a request in the CUP Forum for some 'politically stance correct' Ballroom Dance Pose designs. So far I have designed these 3......more will follow. I hope you like them
Click on the images to see larger views.