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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

**NEW** Xtenda Cards.......look!!!!!

These are my newest uploads. These are just 3 of the 15 designs already uploaded so take a look at these then browse the rest!!

The idea was born from wondering how to make a 'jack in the box' or a 'girl in a cake' actually 'jump' up yet still have a card that lies flat and fits standard size envelopes. (C5)

They can be hung up and kept as keepsakes, so the reciepent can 'see' your love and greeting each time they look at it.

They look complicated but are very easy to make. There is a tutorial included in the zip file also.

I do hope you'll like the idea and of course buy them!!

I have been made aware that there is similar cards/templates out there but any resemblance to these is purely coincedental.......I've been working on this idea for a couple of months but only just now manage to have them ready to upload.

And all these cards are TOTALLY unique in their designs. So go on.........take a look!!!

There will some pics of the finished cards on the Arty Dezines blog.

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