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Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas.......2011

Sorry this post is belated but we've been away which meant I was on the lap top.
The internet connection wasn't anything like what we have at home and trying to
post anything is a major exercise!!!

So Christmas Greetings......although belated..........and I hope you got to spend it with
loved ones. Was Santa kind to you?

We had a wonderful day and saw all but one of the kids and although
we are totally lagged out now, it was so totally worth the effort to go down and run
around to make sure we got to spend a little time with everyone!!

If you have time off, relax and enjoy it. If your travelling then 'stay safe'.

If you have to assured that its appreciated. Someone has to keep things
going and without those people who selflessly do the jobs that have to be done (whether
you begrudge it or not), life wouldn't go on. Emergency service personell, police, hospital
staff and the Dr's, even the retail are appreciated for your efforts.

Sorry this greeting is late......but its not posted with any less love and meaning.


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